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At Asgard Medical we specialise in private blood test advice in the UK. We are passionate about making sure that you get not only the correct blood test for screening or for your ailment, but also look at several different private providers to make sure that you get the cheapest blood tests in the UK.

Blood Tests at Private Hospitals

We work with established and well known Private Healthcare groups such as Nuffield Healthcare, Spire Health, and Ramsay Healthcare as well as other less well known providers to make sure that you receive the help with the minimum of fuss. We make a modest amount of money per private blood test referral and are also able to save you money too as we use our laboratory analysis account which is cheaper than if you attended a private blood testing company directly.

Private Blood Tests UK

We are also able to use our network of Laboratories to send you a home private blood test kit that you can either take to a local phlebotomist or another type of blood test kit that can be utilised in the home by use of a finger prick blood sample. We will explain all options to you and assist you to make the choices that are right for you, whether you are looking for a cheap blood test, a local blood test centre or a postal blood test kit.

Quality of Service

Because we are an established medical practice you can be assured of a quality level of service that exceeds the NHS, and also many private providers. Obtaining private blood tests in the UK can be a bewildering experience – it is our job to protect you from the nitty gritty, and be your patient advocate for your private blood testing experience. This is why private patients keep coming back to Asgard Medical for their individual blood testing needs.

Blood Test Centres across the UK

Private Hospitals will always build their blood test clinics near large populations to ensure a profitable throughput of patients. But we can refer our patients to blood test clinics as far south as Cornwall and also arrange private blood tests in Aberdeen if you are lucky to live in either of those locations. In total, we have access to over 100 private blood test UK centers in prestigious private hospitals and many more smaller boutique clinics, so don’t worry about where you can get a blood test, we’ve got it covered!

Blood Test Results

Laboratory blood test results, unless you are used to seeing them need medical skill to interpret correctly. We will never release your blood test results without one of our Private Doctors giving their own medical comment. At times we may need to discuss the results with you over the phone (this isn’t always bad!) or recommend that you see a specialist. We will always encourage you to share the results with your usual medical team, be it your GP, or another specialist of an acute or chronic healthcare issue.

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We’re here for you, ready and waiting and willing to help. Feel free to email us on info@asgardmedical.com or call us on 0843 7132100, we promise you won’t regret it.